AA refuses to exploit refugees to implement demographic change, urges them to return

The co-chair of the General Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Farid Atti asserted that they support the return of the refugees to the homeland, pointing out that many countries are exploiting the refugees' issue to serve their agendas. 

Turkish officials' speeches on the Syrian file and the northern and eastern parts of Syria are on the rise, despite tripartite understandings between the SDF and the United States with Turkey regarding the border security mechanism and its implementation.

In his speech at the UN General, the Turkish president hinted that they might occupy northern and eastern Syria and impose a project to house two million Syrian refugees in the region.

Commenting on this issue, the Hawar News Agency met with the co-chair of the General Council of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, Farid Atti, who explained the position of the Autonomous Administration towards the Turkish plan.

Atti said that since the beginning, all the displaced Syrian refugees and refugees have returned to their land who were forced out of the war in the country.

Atti said they have invited Syrian refugees to return to their homeland and appealed to internally displaced people to return to their towns and cities.

Atti explained that many countries, including neighboring Turkey, wanted to play and politicize the Syrian refugee file, and sought to change the demography of the region under several designations, most recently "the safe zone."

He pointed out that they reached with the US and Turkish sides to understand the establishment of a border security mechanism on the border with Turkey, based on maintaining security and stability, and not to make a demographic change there.

He stressed that the Autonomous Administration is democratic and seeks to renounce rhetoric and racial discrimination against the components and religions in the region, and calls for coexistence and cultural richness.

At the end of his speech, Atti, stressed their firm rejection against any policy aimed at changing the demography of the region.



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