AA of Afrin region: Our resistance continues, develops at all levels

The Autonomous Administration in the Afrin region renewed its covenant to continue the struggle and resistance, and also appealed to the Kurdish people to circumvent AA and the approach of the democratic nation to reach democracy, peace and freedom.

In conjunction with the second anniversary of the occupation of Afrin, the AA in the Afrin region issued a statement to the public opinion, calling on regional and international powers to break their silence and work to stop the genocide against human beings, nature, monuments, values and beliefs, and to ensure the safe return of the people of Afrin.

The statement condemned the attack and the Turkish occupation of Afrin canton, and the massacres and destruction, causing unbelievable destruction such as stealing its monuments, destroying its nature, and attempts to destroy its heritage and history and abuse its sanctities".

The statement stressed the insistence and adherence to the resistance against the occupation and praised the resistance of the people of Afrin against the occupation, and added, "The resistance of our people against this aggression in its new form for 58 days, during which they expressed heroism and sacrifice, has become an example of history in terms of adherence to land, values, history and nature embodied by our youth, women and our children in general in their resistance"

"Today, despite the circumstances of the war and the imbalance in the equipment, we are still on the covenant with our martyrs, and our resistance continues and develops at all political, diplomatic, popular, and military levels, and this resistance has proven that the wheel of history will not turn back, and that Turkey will search for its black history in our regions in particular and Syria in general, it is only running behind the mirage " the statement continued.

We appeal and call on:

-The masses of our Kurdish people in particular, and Syria in general, gather around the Autonomous Administration and the approach of the democratic nation, which has proven, during its short life, that it is the optimal form of life, coexistence and development for all peoples, nations and religions to reach democracy, peace and freedom.

-Kurdish and local parties and organizations join the masses of militants and establish the principle of brotherhood and democracy by holding a general national conference.

-Regional and international powers emerge from their shameful silence and work to stop the genocide against human beings, nature, relics, values and beliefs pursued by the Justice and Development Government, using NATO weapons, especially internationally prohibited, and returning criminals to their dens.

Ensuring the safe return of the people of Afrin.

- international and human rights organizations work to implement their human and legal covenants, decisions and pledges, especially those related to women, children, nature, beliefs and life.



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