AA in Al-Jazeera region: With your collaboration we can stop Corona virus outbreak

The Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA in Al-Jazeera region put all its capabilities and energies to protect the citizens and prevent the spread of Corona, and called on the people to take health measures, while Talaat Younis called on the people: "With your cooperation we can prevent the spread of Corona."

The Health Authority in north and east Syria confirmed that no infection has been recorded in the region so far, and has also been quick to take several precautionary measures, such as canceling all gatherings, suspending working hours in schools and universities, and sterilizing institutions.

The co-chair of the Executive Council in Al-Jazeera region, Talaat Younis, made it clear after the outbreak of the Corona virus around the world, and the announcement by the World Health Organization of the virus as a global epidemic, and its spread in the neighboring countries of the north and east regions of Syria, that they have started to take rapid preventive measures and measures to prevent this virus from reaching the region, and he said: "Being a danger to the people."

Younis pointed out that the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria took a number of decisions as preventive measures, including preventing the entry of foreigners into northern and eastern Syria through the border crossings, and he said: "Tuesday every week was devoted to allowing the residents of the region who had previously gone abroad for treatment, returning through the border crossings, where they are subjected to medical examinations before entering the area, and also allowing entry to humanitarian and international organizations operating in the north and east of Syria. "

Whoever does not abide by the decisions of AA exposes himself to accountability

Regarding the large gatherings and events, Talaat Younis explained: "It was prevented because it leads to a rapid spread of the virus, as well as the suspension of schools, universities and institutes until further notice." He indicated that all medical centers and teams were equipped with medical equipment to face the corona, and sterilized all Civil institutions serving the residents, in addition to street sterilization and cleaning, awareness and rationalization of the people.

Younis drew attention to the fact that they put all their capabilities and energies in the service and protection of society, and those who do not abide or violate the decisions taken by the Autonomous Administration expose themselves to accountability, and said: "Therefore we wish everyone to help and cooperate with health institutions."

He pointed out that the AA's institutions will provide all the needs and requirements of society with food, and will not allow a shortage in the markets.

The co-chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in Al-Jazeera region Talaat Younis called on the people to take preventive measures to protect themselves from the virus as much as possible, and noted: "No one should leave the house except when needed, and stay away from crowded places, so with the cooperation of the people we can prevent the outbreak of corona."

It is noteworthy that the Corona virus spread in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2020, and then spread to most of the countries of the world, as the number of people infected with the virus reached 169,658, the number of deaths 6,518, and the recovered 77.779, and the World Health Organization says that regular hand washing is extremely important in combating Avoid infection with the disease.



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