​​​​​​​AA in Afrin demanded to hold Turkey accountable of its crimes in occupied areas

The Autonomous Administration of the occupied Afrin canton called for holding the Turkish state and its mercenaries accountable for the crimes committed in the occupied areas of Syria.

Dozens of members and members of AA's institutions and the people of Berxwedan camp gathered in Berxwedan camp, carrying pictures of martyrs of the massacre of Tal Rifaat and Akiba.

The statement was read in both Kurdish and Arabic by the administrators of the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA of Afrin region, Nariman Sedio and Israfil Mustafa.

The text of the statement read:

 “The Middle East region is witnessing a state of conflict headed by capitalist modernity aimed at changing the entity of the recognized social fabric, and its culture and indigenous traditions were drained in order to replace it with another culture far from the constituents of society, all through its executive tools, especially national systems, whether in the name of Salafi Islam or Secular nationalism that has emerged in the last two centuries, especially in Syria and the neighboring regional countries, led by the occupying Turkish state, through its support for the Muslim Brotherhood project and extremist factions, particularly in Syria, which has suffered These policies stem from killing, destruction, looting, robbery, and displacement, ending with demographic change, as in Afrin, Ras al-Ain, and Tal Abyad. The beginning of its attacks on Afrin on January 20, 2018 was only the beginning of its colonial occupation project lined with changing mosaic culture and its cultural heritage.

It began targeting civilians directly and killing them, committing war crimes, such as al-Mahmudiya massacre on 16/3/2018, and others, as it reached 12 massacres, ignoring the most important principles of international humanitarian law, international human rights law, and the obligations imposed on them to protect civilians, on the contrary which targeted civilian, infrastructure, and services, which led to the displacement of more than 300,000 to al-Shahba areas and subsequently completed them with looting and appropriation of property, kidnapping of civilians by imposing financial extortion, and forcing them to displace, 6,200 were kidnapped, more than 300 of whom are still unaccounted for 553 of them were killed children and women, and some of them under torture.

The statement pointed to the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, "Not only did the men but also the female component, they were raped, killed, committed suicide and forcibly married, and the genocide and ethnic cleansing was the color that characterized Erdogan's occupation policy and its mercenaries, targeting Alawites, and Yazidis." And the Church of al-Rai al-Saleh, and the settlement of mercenary and Turkmen families in Afrin, especially after the expulsion of Kurdish families and the indigenous population of Afrin from them.

The statement mentioned the Turkish violations of the history of the occupied territories, "and the nature and brutality of the Turkish state and its mercenaries, as well as the nature and monuments and historical monuments in Afrin, have cut more than 200 thousand trees, including 300 perennial trees, vandalism and violation of 16 archaeological sites and 10 shrines, sabotaging and bulldozing them. In searching of archaeological treasures and finds. "

The statement described the Turkish violations of genocide, "and the occupying Turkish state and its mercenaries are still continuing their inhuman, subversive and genocidal policy not only in Afrin center, but also in the areas of al-Shahba and Sherawa, chasing the forcibly displaced Afrin people, and committing massacres against it, such as the massacre of Tal Rifaat and Akiba.

The statement said that Turkish practices rise to the level of war crimes, "All these violations and ongoing crimes up to now amount to war crimes and the perpetrators must be tried before the International Criminal Court, as it is a violation of the four Geneva Conventions of 1949, the protocols annexed to 1977, and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

The policy of ethnic cleansing and demographic change pursued by the occupying Turkish state in Afrin in particular, and NE, Syria in general is war crimes, committed against the peoples of the region in front of the world’s view.

In her statement, she appealed to the administration, "We in DAA in the Afrin region appeal to the United Nations and all human rights and humanitarian organizations to condemn and criminalize the Turkish president and his ruling crew as a war criminal, and the supervisor and director over all criminal practices and acts that were committed and committed in occupied Afrin."

The statement concluded by chanting slogans "No to ethnic cleansing and demographic change, shame and disgrace for those who violate the sanctities of peoples."



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