AA handed over 3 children of  Daesh to Russian Parliament officially

The Autonomous Administration(AA)  in North and East Syria delivered three children of Daesh to the Russian Duma parliament committee in an official meeting at the Office of External Relations of the Administration of the city of Qamishlo during a press conference.

The press conference was held in the presence of the co-chair of the Office of Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Abdul Karim Omar, and dozens of local and regional media.

The Russian delegation consists of two Russian parliamentarians, Nelly Kosova and Marbiya, and representatives of the Russian Duma Committee on International Cooperation.

The children who were handed over were Abdulrahman Ramadan, born in 2012 in Russia, Mary Ramadan was born in 2012 in Russia, and Fatima Ramadan was born in 2014 in Russia.

According to ANHA correspondent, the children are in good health and were not subjected to any pressure. At the request of the Russian government, they were handed over to the Russian Duma Parliament Committee. In turn, the Russian delegation thanked the AA for accepting their request and commended their efforts to protect children and civilians.

At the conclusion of the conference, the two sides signed the document of receipt and delivery of the children




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