AA General Council approves duty of self-defense law

The General Council of the Autonomous Administration(AA) has approved the self-defense law, and gave each administration the choice to age limit, and unanimously voted to change the name of the Defense Office during a meeting.

The meeting was attended by the co-chair of the Autonomous Administration, Farid Ati, Siham Qariou, the co-chair of the Executive Council, Abdul Hamed al-Muhash, the co-chair of the Defense Office, Jihan Sheikh Ahmed, and Zidane al-Assi, and the majority of the members of the General Council, and the Syrian Democratic Forces' Commander-in-Chief attended the meeting.

The meeting began with a minute of silence in memory of the martyrs' lives, followed by the speech of the co-chair of the Autonomous Administration, Siham Qario, paying her condolences the Syriac component on the anniversary of the Seyfo massacre on the 15th of June of each year.

The leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, then explained the political and military situation in the north and east of Syria, where the challenges facing their forces were highlighted after the military elimination of Daesh to confront the sleeper cells and the Turkish threats and their mercenaries to northern and eastern Syria.

He stressed the readiness of the Syrian Democratic Forces to deal with any danger that could jeopardize the security and safety of the Autonomous Administered areas. He also revealed the organizational structure of SDF forces, indicating that they formed 15 military councils and distributed their forces as follows: 30,000 border guards, 5,000 special forces, thousands of fighters in military regiments form the core of SDF.

A proposal was then put forward for the co-chair of the Defense Affairs Office to delete the word "Affairs" to become the Defense Office, to be broader and more comprehensive. Members of the General Council unanimously voted on this proposal to become the Defense Office.

After reading the member of the Office of the General Council, Yasser Suleiman draft of the rules of procedure for the law of self-defense, including several articles, including the determination of service span by 12 months, and exemption of disabilities, the only child, and whose parents were anonymous, and took into account the status of university students and schools in terms of delays, leaving of the choice of determining the age of the service charge for each of the seven departments.

The General Council approved this law unanimously after clarifications and responding to their queries by the Legal Committee and the co-chair of the Defense Office, to become valid from this date.

The session ended after accepting the membership of Ibrahim al-Hassoud, a member of the Legislative Council in al-Jazeera region instead of Ali al-Ka'ud, and he took the oath before the members of the General Council to start its work.


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