AA calls on people to support extinguishing fires

The Autonomous Administration(AA) appealed to the people of northern and eastern Syria to support the concerned authorities in extinguishing the fires of agricultural crops warning of the arrival of fires to the oil installations.

The Executive Body of AA in North and East Syria issued a written appeal where a copy of it was received by the Hawar News Agency(ANHA) in which It said:

"To all our people in the north and east of Syria, especially in the regions of al-Jazeera, to support the relevant authorities to help extinguish the fires affecting wheat and barley crops in the areas of AA.

Where the fires are now damaging wheat and barley crops in Tirbespiyê district that there is danger of fire reaching the oil installations in the same areas. "

It is noteworthy that the fire, which broke out in the area, is still burning, and firefighters and residents are trying to extinguish it.



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