AA appeals to support Afrin issue, expose Turkish state's violations

The Autonomous Administration (AA) of North and East Syria indicated that the Turkish state's practices in Afrin, the whole of Syria and the region recall the practices of the Ottoman era, as well as all the trends and genocides that have been inflicted to the peoples, appealing the world public and the Syrian people at home and abroad to continue supporting Afrin and expose the Turkish state's practices.


The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria issued a written statement on the anniversary of the occupation of the Turkish state and its mercenaries to Afrin which marks on March 18.

The text of the statement:

"The 18th of March of this year marks the first anniversary of the Turkish occupation of Afrin, the occupation that took place after a heroic resistance of fifty-eight days, which was actually the Resistance of the Age. Our people and the resistant forces in Afrin expressed the fact of the resistance derived from the principles of the democratic revolution in the north and east of Syria, where there were thousands of martyrs, including more than one thousand and seven hundred martyrs and more than three thousand wounded in Afrin. The attack on Afrin emphasized the nature of the chauvinistic state and the existence of reciprocal deals among some of the parties that claim that they want stability in Syria. In the forefront, what happened between Russia and Turkey about Afrin, the attack launched on Afrin using NATO weapons in the midst of international silence and regional failure, where civilian buildings, hospitals and schools were destroyed, expressing that the culture used is a culture of exile and genocide whose ideas are derived from the foundations and principles on which the national state which is hostile to all democratic tendencies of peoples depends. The talk about the solution and stability in Syria with the existence of these practices by Turkey is not possible, especially in light of what Afrin is being exposed to today of policies that represent the greatest danger to the Syrian reality in particular and the region in general, and what the factions supported by Turkey and the Turkish state itself are practicing; killing, kidnapping, displacement, demographic change, destroying the historical monuments in addition to the development of the reality of occupation and the imposition of policies that were followed by the Ottoman Empire during its rule of the region.

We appeal to the world opinion, all the Syrian people with their various components and the Kurdish people at home and abroad to continue to support Afrin's cause, expose the Turkish state's practices and to move forward with all possible means to ensure the return of the people of Afrin to their homes. The Turkish practices recall the practices that took place during the Ottoman period, it also supported all the trends and genocides against the peoples of the region, including the Armenian-Syriac people in Turkey between 1914-23 and the massacre of Diyarbakir, Tor Abdin and the genocide committed against the Yazidi people in Şengal in 2014, as the Turkish occupation of Afrin is a repeat of all these practices reviving them again and following the same mentality that prevailed in the massacres mentioned. The history of the Turkish occupation of Afrin also recalls the massacres committed against the Kurds of Halabja in March 16, 1988, which left more than 5000 women and children as victims, in addition to the weak number of wounded in Başûr Kurdistan, as the pretexts unite and the form of genocide, especially in light of the use of chemical weapons in Halabja with what happened in Afrin confirms the unity of thought, approach and genocide in particular.



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