A Turkish cargo ship carrying tanks arrives in Libya

The Libyan National Army detected a Turkish cargo ship carrying military vehicles as it was arriving in the Misurata port, arriving from Istanbul, this afternoon, according to the military spokesman, Major General Ahmed Al-Mesmari.

The Libyan National Army spokesman added that the ship was owned by a Turkish company and was carrying M-60 tanks, and its sailing coincided with the movement of Turkish frigates that were close to it in the region.

Al-Mesmari said that the Libyan army also detected an Italian ship that approached the Turkish ship, and did not intercept it, as it was not participating in the European "Ireni" operation.

Al-Mesmari had said, on Monday evening, that major military operations are taking place in the axes of Tripoli, where the air force provides an umbrella over Gharyan towards Al-Aziziya to prevent the militia from gathering, adding, "Our Turkish cargo ship carrying tanks arrives in Libya.”

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