A Russian expert expects cities without queues in the future

Professor Nikolai Faten, a professor at the Institute of Engineering and Architecture in Saint Petersburg, predicted that the cities of the future would be cities without queues.

"There should be no queues. The city of the future is a city without queues. Congestion of people is appropriate at a concert or meeting, but otherwise people should walk without a stampede," the architect expert told the Russian Novosti agency.

The professor emphasized that the big cities themselves could be completely safe if these principles were observed.

At the same time, the Russian architect pointed out that the coronavirus did not only affect big cities, but also small ones.

He said in this context: "In western Ukraine, for example, the main centers of infection are small towns, and in Italy even the ancient cities built in the Middle Ages are infected with viral infection."

Many experts agree in many areas that the global system will change at all levels, and will not return as it was before the spread of the Coruna virus.


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