A medical team visits front lines to guide fighters on corona virus prevention

Medical teams are working with all their capabilities to provide their services to the people of the region and fighters on the frontlines, who cannot leave their positions, as a result of the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on the northern and eastern regions of Syria.

Today, a medical team consisting of paramedics, doctors and nurses from Ain Issa district went to the frontlines, to provide medical services for the fighters.

The medical team conducted tests for all fighters and fighters, to make sure of their health, especially in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus in the world, and the areas surrounding the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and the team also gave instructions and guidance to the fighters on how to prevent the virus.

During the tour, the medical team stressed the need for male and female fighters to take care of personal and general hygiene, the need to constantly wash hands with soap and water, to wear gloves, and not to touch the face before washing hands.

The medical team also distributed masks and gloves to fighters and women fighters.

Doctor Ahmed Fadel explained: "After the outbreak of the Corona virus in the world, and the measures taken in the regions of northern and eastern Syria to stave off the emergence of the Corona virus, we have organized tours on the front lines to guide fighters about the virus and how to prevent it."

Fadel indicated that there is communication and coordination between the military leaders on the front lines and between the medical teams, to intervene urgently, if necessary, to ward off the appearance of the Corona virus.

In turn, the leadership of the military forces in Ain Issa made it clear that after the outbreak of the Corona virus in the world and to ward off its emergence in the region, it took several measures, including isolating the forces from each other, and preventing the movement of the forces collectively, in addition to the constant supervision by the medical forces of the military forces on the health conditions of fighters and the women fighters.

The Turkish occupation army continues its attacks on the northern and eastern regions of Syria, turning a blind eye to the resolutions and calls of the United Nations, in particular the United Nations resolution that was issued in March 23 after the outbreak of the Corona virus, which has claimed thousands of lives so far, and calls for a complete and immediate cessation of military operations, and saving all energies to confront Corona Virus.

In March 24, the Syrian Democratic Forces declared their full commitment to the demands of the United Nations, a complete ceasefire in the area, and the use of their right to legitimate defense.



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