A joint security campaign on Syrian-Iraqi border

The Popular Mobilization Organization launched today, Monday, a joint military operation with the Iraqi army and border guards to purify the Akashat Desert towards the Iraqi-Syrian border, against the backdrop of the escalation of the attacks of ISIS mercenaries.

The commission announced in a statement that "the PMF, the Iraqi army and the border guards have embarked on a joint operation to clean up the Akashat desert towards the Iraqi-Syrian border," noting that "the operation was carried out after information was received indicating the return of the activity of ISIS sleeper cells in the areas behind Akashat."

The statement added, "The operation is conducted in a high coordination between the army, the crowd, and the border guards. The operation targets areas that are security soft, where they will be secured and the supporting directorates of the Popular Mobilization Authority participated.

The cells of ISIS mercenaries recently intensified their operations in Iraq, the last of which was last night, when a village in Al-Walid district in Anbar Province was attacked by one of the people who was kidnapped, according to the security media cell.

It also confirmed that a security force from the Fourth Brigade in the First Division interfered with a surprise operation and clashed with ISIS mercenaries, and was able to kill a mercenary, burn their vehicle and injure others.

The security forces had announced previous campaigns to pursue the cells of ISIS mercenaries, and on the second of last March announced a campaign that was described as the largest since the announcement of the ISIS defeat in 2017.

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