A human rights center warns Europe against the consequences of not focusing on Turkey, which has become a passage for ISIS

A center dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust, European countries, warned against their failure to focus on the ISIS threat and Turkey's sending mercenaries to European countries to wreak havoc and kill there.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, which looks at the Holocaust and hatred in a historical and contemporary context, sent a message to the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Joseph Burrell, in which the Center’s Director of International Relations, Ph.D. Shimon Samuel, suggested that the European Union should stop focusing on Israel Instead, most of his attention should focus on Turkey, which has become a passage through which ISIS spreads throughout Europe.

In the letter in which the Israeli Jerusalem Post published a section, Samuel said that people in their twenties and thirties who had embraced a radical Islamic ideology, were now returning to Europe and posing a potential threat.

The letter referred to the unstable situation in the camps in northern and eastern Syria, in addition to the fear of global intelligence from ISIS mercenaries who secretly reach Europe via Turkey, as well as the mass of refugees and the chaotic conditions inside Syria, as well as the system of genocide and the chaotic roles of Iran, Russia, Turkey and their agents.

"We have not yet forgotten the brutal graves in al-Raqqa, and the Turkish guides who bring young Europeans trained to the battlefield, who stone women and beheading of the hostages," the letter said.

At the end of the letter, Samuel cautioned that under this threat there would be more targets than Jews, and instead, these extremists who returned to Europe would target Christians, moderate Muslims, women, and others if they were not dealt with properly.



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