​​​​​​​A day of public anger in the Palestinian territories, in rejection to Israeli annexation plan

Popular activities, entitled "A Day of Popular Anger" in the Palestinian Territories, will be launched today, Wednesday, in rejection of the plan to annex the West Bank to Israeli sovereignty.

ANHA correspondent in Gaza reported that popular activities will be launched today in the West Bank and Gaza simultaneously, denouncing and rejecting the plan to annex the West Bank that the Israeli government intends to announce today, according to what was announced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to our correspondent, the Palestinian factions called for the first Wednesday of July to be considered a "day of popular anger" in the Palestinian territories.

He pointed out that several popular events were organized during the past two days in Gaza and the West Bank, in the rejection to the Israeli plan.

In the same context, the official Israeli broadcasting organization (Kan) revealed, on Tuesday evening, preliminary maps of the Israeli annexation plan, which include amendments to the US President Donald Trump's peace plan - the deal of the century.

The maps indicate that the main amendments are concentrated in the Israeli settlement outposts in the heart of the West Bank, by expanding the surrounding areas and annexing more than 20 outposts that were not mentioned in the "Deal of the Century."

In order to maintain the percentage mentioned in the "deal of the century", the exchange of lands offered by Israel as "compensation" for the Palestinian Authority appears in the desert areas east of the Dead Sea.

In the same regard, Israeli sources indicate that the American administration is pressuring Israel to take a "big step" for the Palestinians in exchange for annexation, in the form of "land for land".

Earlier yesterday, Tuesday, the head of the "Kahul Lavan" party and the Israeli security minister, Benny Gantz, expected that the implementation of the annexation scheme will not begin, on Wednesday.

According to Israeli media, the government agreement between Gantz and Netanyahu stipulates that the annexation will begin on July 1.

Gantz affirmed his support for the annexation plan, and said, "I believe that Trump's" Deal of the Century "plan is the right political-security framework that the State of Israel must push forward, and this should be implemented correctly and bring the largest possible number of partners to this discussion, from the countries of the region and with international support. , And every effort should be made to connect them to it and then continue to do so, and I have said that July 1 is not a sacred date. "

Regarding Netanyahu's statements that the implementation of the plan is not related to Gantz’s approval, the latter’s response: “If the government decides to impose sovereignty and the coalition agreement allows this, I will have to respect the agreement,” but he added that “a million unemployed people do not know what we are talking now. 96% of them are concerned about what they will do tomorrow morning (Wednesday), indicating the assumed priorities of the Israeli government instead of the annexation plan and its implications at the present time.



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