A dangerous intelligence plan is underway to hit Kurdistan Liberation Movement

Part of a comprehensive attack plan, Turkish intelligence and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PKK) Parastin apparatus are preparing to carry out a series of attacks and massacres in southern Kurdistan dressed in the clothes of the Kurdistan People's Defense Forces (HPG) Guerilla fighters and charge the PKK.

The intelligence service of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) and the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT) held a meeting two weeks ago at the Rixos Hotel in the city of Dohuk, during which a detailed plan was prepared against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). Accordingly, it was agreed on the following:

Providing a joint force between the two parties wearing the " Guerilla" dress.

This force attacks Asayîş Dohuk and the police station to carry out a massacre.

Launching attacks on Turkmen centers, including civilians.

This way, they will be prepared for a comprehensive attack on the PKK.

According to information received by Furat news agency ANF from Asayish Duhok; Fadel Mirani held a meeting with the leadership of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) in Dohuk and some clans' notables. In the meeting, he pointed to the increasing pressure of public opinion on the KDP.

Mirani said during the meeting that there is great popular resentment against them, especially in Bahdinan area, and he also claimed that the PKK will launch military attacks in Bahdinan, and thus the KDP will have to defend itself and these areas, and that Kurdish clans' notables will also be affected by that. And, for this reason, it is imperative that the clans residing in those areas take their measures.

Mirani sought during the meeting to crystallize the thinking "that the PKK will attack Dohuk", thus preparing for a joint plan with the Turkish occupation state.

The same source stated that Fadel Mirani started preparations for the joint conspiracy between the Turkish intelligence and the intelligence service of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (Parastin).

As part of this plan, 200 uniforms of the (HPG) Guerilla fighters dress was prepared.

According to the plan, elements of the Turkish intelligence and special forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PKK) will wear the Guerilla dress and attack the Asayish points and police stations in Dohuk.

There will be attacks on figures opposed to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) in Dohuk, as well as attacks on opposition figures and some prominent Turkmen figures, with the PKK being accused of all of these attacks.

According to information provided by sources from inside the Asayish Dohuk to Furat News Agency (ANF), the targets of launching these attacks will be as follows:

- A strong blow against the opposition leaders, thus preventing the social opposition in Bahdinan from standing against the alliance between the Turkish occupation state and the KDP.

Turning growing sympathy for the PKK in Bahdinan into permanent hostility

- Through these massacres, which will be perpetrated in the clothes of the Krila, you will justify the attacks by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) against the (HPG).

- Attacks on Turkmen personalities will prepare the ground for the Turkish occupation army's direct intervention in this war.

The attacks that will be launched with the agreement of the Turkish occupation army and the Kurdistan Democratic Party against the PKK will be justified in front of internal and external public opinion.



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