A child killed, 3 others wounded in mine explosion in al-Shahba

A child lost his life and 3 others got wounded on Friday in the result of blasting a mine at them in Ahdath district in al-Shahba canton.


While four children were playing within the agricultural lands in the vicinity of Ahdath district, a mine exploded.

The explosion resulted in killing the child Aziz Abdul Qader Ahmed who is six years old from Hamam village of Janders district, while the two brothers Ibrahim Saeed Khalil who is at 7, and Birhat Saeed Khalil, 12 years old from Shitko village in Afrin and Ahmed Suleiman Mohammed, 10 years old from Kafer Safreh village in Janders district were wounded.

According to the medical staff of Avrin Hospital, the three children are in stable condition.


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