9 people killed in Israeli bombing on Syrian soil

At least 9 people were killed as a result of the Israeli bombing on the surrounding of Mesyaf area in the western countryside of Hama yesterday evening, which also destroyed ammunition and weapons depots.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the Israeli shelling on Syrian soil on Thursday evening targeted military warehouses within the defense factories located in al-Zawy area in Mesyaf countryside, west of Hama, which caused heavy human and financial losses.

According to the sources of the Syrian Observatory, at least 9 people were killed by the bombing, 4 of them are of Syrian nationals, and it is not known whether they are from the government forces, or are working in the ranks of the Iranian forces, and 5 are unidentified until the moment. Furthermore, the death toll is still likely to rise since some of the wounded are in dangerous situations.

In addition, the Israeli air strikes which were launched from Lebanese airspace also destroyed ammunition and arms depots.


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