8th course of military discipline opened in Ain Issa

Martyr Siamend Academy for the military discipline opened its 8th course in Ain Issa district named " the Martyr Delsoz Afrin" course.

Dozens of fighters of the Euphrates Region joined the 8th course of military discipline units.

The course will last 2 months in which the fighters will receive educational, politic, and in addition to military training.

The ceremony of opening the course attended by dozens of commanders of SDF and the Military Discipline Units.

The opening ceremony started with saluting the martyrs followed by taking the oath, then, the commander of the Military Discipline Units Ageid Kobanî delivered a speech and said, " opening this course coincided with the liberation of al-Bagouz village from the Daesh mercenaries so that we must work on ourselves and developed our capabilities.

The commander wished the fighters to complete the course successfully.

It is noteworthy that the martyr Delsoz Afrin is from Afrin city and was martyred in the Kobanî battles in 2014.  



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