8 Turkish occupation soldiers killed in Beyazit

8 Turkish occupation army soldiers were killed in a series of operations carried out by the People's Defense Forces in Beyazit.

The Media Center of the People's Defense Forces issued a statement regarding the operations carried out by their forces in various areas in northern Kurdistan.

8 soldiers were killed

The statement stated that on August 29, the People's Defense Forces carried out a military operation against the Turkish occupation army in the Beyazit area of ​​Agri province. Violent clashes erupted at close distances, which led to the flight of the Turkish occupation army from the area.

After the operation, the Turkish occupation army bombed the area with heavy weapons, which resulted in the outbreak of fires that are still continuing.

Destruction of Turkish occupation army sites

The statement added, "Within the framework of the revolutionary campaign of Martyr Bakir and Martyr Ronia, on August 28, our forces carried out an operation in Cele district in Colemerg, and the operation resulted in the destruction of two sites, which resulted in the death of those in them, without knowing the number of dead."

The statement also announced the martyrdom of the fighter Shilan Kocer , real name Hiyam Qaysim, as a result of an air strike by the Turkish occupation army in the Zab region on August 18.


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