8 mines in al-Panorama area of al-Raqqa dismantled

The team of Roj Ramco was able to dismantle eight mines in al-Panorama area at the southern entrance of the city of al-Raqqa this morning in coordination with the Internal Security Forces.

The work of the Roj Ramco Anti-Terrorist Team continues to dismantle mines that are remnants of Daesh, where the team has been informed of the presence of mines in al-Panorama area to begin clearance work.

"When we were informed of the presence of mines in the area, we took all the security precautions from the ambulances, the medical staff and a number of members of the team with their full readiness." Four mortar shells and four RPGs, and there was a connection between them and the difficulty was dismantled, but completely removed. "

Mustafa Saleh said by saying: "So far more than 15,000 mines of remnants of the organization have been dismantled in the city of al-Raqqa and rural areas, and we continue our work in the city for the safety of civilians."



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