79 Palestinians injured by Israeli army's fire in Gaza

79 Palestinians were injured by the Israeli army during their participation in the return marches and the siege on the Gaza border, which was titled "The land is not for sale".

According to our correspondent, quoting the Ministry of Health: 79 Palestinians, including a paramedic, were wounded by the shooting of the Israeli army.

The event comes days before the launch of the Manama Workshop, the economic aspect of the US plan to settle the Palestinian issue, known as the " Deal of the Century ".

The High Commission for the Return and Breaking the Siege has confirmed, in a statement this evening, the continuation of marches in Gaza until the achievement of its objectives in full, and breaking the siege on the Gaza Strip.

The Supreme Commission for the Return of the Movements launched the name "Let Fall Bahrain Conference" on the Friday rallies.

Since March 30, 2018, Palestinians have participated in peaceful marches on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip to demand the return of the refugees to their towns and villages which they were displaced from in 1948 and to break the siege on Gaza.

Israeli confrontations claimed 318 Palestinians' lives, 12 of which bodies are being held by Israel and not listed in the Palestinian Ministry of Health. 31,000 others were injured, 500 of them in critical condition.


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