7 new cases of coronavirus in Gaza; number rises in West Bank

Yesterday evening, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip recorded 7 new infections with the Corona virus, bringing the number of infected people in the Strip to 9, while the number of infections in the West Bank increased to 84.

Our correspondent in the Gaza Strip stated that the Ministry of Health in Gaza announced yesterday evening, Wednesday, that it had recorded 7 new cases infected with Corona virus.

Our correspondent quoted the Ministry of Health as saying that "the new infected cases are those who mixed the previous two cases with quarantine."

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Ashraf al-Qidra, stated that the seven cases were security men who were being held in the same center of Al-Hajar with the previous two cases.

Al-Qidra pointed out that the 7 wounded security men did not leave the quarantine located near the Rafah crossing with Egypt, the southernmost part of the Gaza Strip, and did not mix with anyone outside the center.

In the same context, the spokesman for the Palestinian government in the West Bank, Ibrahim Melhem, announced this morning that the number of people infected with the Coronavirus in the West Bank increased to 84 cases, including two children.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza had announced earlier this week that it had recorded two cases of coronavirus, for two returnees from Pakistan.

The Coronavirus is a real terror for the people of the Gaza Strip, as Gaza, which has been besieged by Israel for more than 14 years, suffers from a collapse in the health sector, which does not have the lowest medical ingredients needed to confront the Corona virus.


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