7 citizen killed due to Israeli strikes on Damascus

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that 4 pro-Iranian groups and 3 civilians were killed as a result of Israeli strikes on the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Israeli aircraft from inside the Lebanese territories targeted, at dawn today, the headquarters and locations of Iranian forces, Lebanese Hezbollah and pro-government groups in the capital, Damascus, and its vicinity by several air strikes.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that the warplanes targeted the area from al-Kiswah to Sahnaya in the southwestern countryside of Damascus, killing at least 4 people from Iranian groups.

The observatory confirmed that 3 civilians were martyred and others were injured, as a result of missile shrapnel falling on their homes in al- Adliya and al-Hujaira regions in the southern countryside of Damascus, without examining whether these shrapnel were caused by Israeli missiles, or by the air defense missiles of the Syrian regime that tried to counter the attack Israeli.



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