6 Turkish soldiers killed in Xwakurk and Gever

Fighters of the People Defense Forces, HPG and the Free Women Units - Star carried out several operations against the Turkish occupation army in Gever and Xwakurk, the operations resulted in killing of 6 soldiers and the destruction of a vehicle belonging to the Turkish occupation army.

Media Center for the People Defense Forces HPG announced that their forces carried out in the framework of the revolutionary campaign of the two martyrs Bager and Rania several operations against the Turkish occupation army.

On the operations, the forces released the following information:
“On June 25, at 16:00, our forces carried out a bombing operation against the Turkish occupation army on the road in the Dola Haydran in Gever area Colemêrg region, where our forces targeted a vehicle and resulted in its destruction After the operation, 4 Turkish soldiers were killed. After the operation, the Turkish army transported the dead and wounded by Scorsky helicopters. It began a search operation with the support of guided drones. On June 26, the occupation army carried out an airborne operation in the Jetta Valley and expanded its operation, which is still ongoing. The occupation army bombs the area with war planes. In this process, our comrade Brosik Botan was martyred, and we will announce his record for public opinion later.

On June 27, at 19:30, our forces targeted the Turkish occupation army soldiers stationed on the martyr Sefqan hill in the Armush region of Xwakurk in the legitimate defense areas. In this operation, strong strikes were directed at one of the enemy's fortifications, killing two soldiers.

In our statement that we issued on June 28, we had announced to public opinion the martyrdom of our comrade, Arin Ankezek on June 25, in the clashes that erupted in the Sheshdara region.

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