6 people, including Turks arrested in Egypt

During the past two days, the Egyptian authorities have arrested Turkish, Jordanian, Dutch and Palestinian men who planned to support the Muslim Brotherhood and provoke chaos and unrest in Egypt.

Investigations showed that the Muslim Brotherhood had used a number of Arab and foreign elements to support the demonstrations in Egypt in order to spread chaos and overthrow the state, and revealed the arrival of Turkish elements to film ambushes and security bases in Tahrir Square in the center of the Egyptian capital Cairo, according to Al Arabiya network.

Operations Management from Turkey

In this context, sources revealed to the network that the Muslim Brotherhood and its leaders fleeing to Turkey, decided to launch large-scale campaigns on communication sites and through its committees and electronic networks to provoke chaos in Egypt, and call for demonstrations and protests against the system, adding that the group launched the pages and communication accounts to mobilize and promote false information, and arouse the discontent of the Egyptians, and weaken their confidence in the state organs and institutions.

They also pointed out that those who actually supervise and manage these brigades and committees are Mahmud Hussein, the group's secretary-general and resident in Turkey, assisted by Ayman Abdul Ghani, the daughter of Khairat al-Shatir, the deputy leader of the group and the fugitive to Turkey.

The Egyptian researcher says that these electronic battalions have decreased significantly from inside Egypt because of the strength of the Egyptian cybersecurity, but they are now spread from outside Egypt and through the elements of the fugitive group and reside in Turkey, Sudan, Malaysia and Qatar, which was remarkable in recent days.



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