582 fighters join al-Shadadi Military Council since its announcement

148 fighters have joined al-Shaddadi Military Council, bringing the total number of al-Shaddadi Military Council’s members to 582 since its announcement.

Martyr Birusk Piru Academy in Abu Khashab, has opened a new training course for the fighters of the Military Council of al-Shaddadi, the course is named after the martyr Bahoz Qamishlo.

The course, which lasted for 45 days, included 148 fighters from al-Shadadi and its towns, and the trainees received military and political classes, in addition to combat lessons.

The graduation ceremony was attended by the military council spokesman for al-Shadadi district, Haji Abu Saleh, and several leaders of regiments in al-Shadadi area.

In his speech, Mr. Haji Abu Saleh congratulated the course on the graduates.

In conclusion, the graduates took the oath and pledged to protect their land and homeland from any aggression that poses a threat to Syrian territory.

The graduation ceremony ended with dancing Dabka rings.

It should be noted that the number of fighters who have joined the al-Shaddadi Military Council since its announcement with this session reached 582 fighters.




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