53 Turkish chemical attacks on Defense Areas during month

The People's Defense Forces reported that the defense areas in Başûr Kurdistan were attacked 1,482 times by land and air, including 53 times with phosphorous shells, banned bombs, and chemical weapons within a month.

The Media Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) revealed, through a statement, the outcome of the Turkish occupation army's attacks on the Defense Areas in Başûr (southern Kurdistan) during last March.

The statement read: ''Although our defense forces were in the status of freezing military activities, the regime of the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement Party continues to launch attacks and continuous military operations against North and East Kurdistan, and Guerrilla forces in many places, especially in Dersim, Besta, Merdin, Cudi, and Gulmerek.

As a result, some of our comrades were martyred in those places, and the Turkish army continues its continuous air and ground attacks on a daily basis against the legitimate defense areas, and as far as our forces were able to determine it within a month.

 The Legitimate Defense areas were attacked by warplanes 72 times, and 1357 times by attack helicopters, artillery, mortars, tanks and heavy weapons, and the Guerrilla resistance trenches were bombed 53 times with phosphorous shells, banned bombs and chemical weapons."

 "Our forces, which are always exposed to attacks by the Turkish army, responded with the necessary response to defend themselves, and as a result, the Guerrilla forces carried out 32 operations, killing 6 soldiers of the occupation, and destroying a surveillance camera system and a drone."



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