5 suicide bombers killed in a security operation in Iraq

On Sunday, Iraqi security forces seized a terrorist den, southwest of Baghdad, with five suicide bombers and eliminated them.

Yesterday, Sunday, the Security Media Cell announced the killing of five suicide bombers by surrounding a den near the southwest of Baghdad, confirming the death of a lieutenant colonel and the injury of a soldier during the operation, according to al-Sumaria.

The cell said in a statement, "According to accurate intelligence information, intelligence in the Ministry of the Interior (Falcon Cell, Baghdad Intelligence) carried out jointly with drone from the International Coalition, and with the support of the first regiment in the 54th Special Operations Brigade in the village of al-Maamira al-Zaidan southwest of the capital, Baghdad."

And added that "It was able to encircle an important den inside which there are five suicide terrorists inside, where the joint force raided this den, and one of the terrorists blew himself up during the process of storming the den and the force was able to kill all the suicide terrorists who were inside."

The cell indicated that "this operation also resulted in the martyrdom of an officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel of the 54th regiment and a member of the tactical regiment of the Falcon Cell."



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