48 civilians killed, wounded in demilitarized area

Some 48 civilians were killed and wounded in a mutual bombardment between the regime and mercenary groups backed by Turkey in the so-called demilitarized area.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented Sunday morning that nine people, including a child and a woman, were killed by the bombing of the town of Nayrab in the eastern countryside of Idlib and in the ground bombardment of the town of Sarqib and Al Khawain village.

In related context, Turkish mercenary groups in the northern countryside of Hama this morning targeted areas in the vicinity of the town of Musayaf in the western countryside of Hama, under the control of the regime's forces, resulting in the loss of 4 people, including a citizen, and the wounding of 10 people, including 3 citizens and a girl.

In addition, approximately 35 others were injured, 283 civilians, including 97 children and 58 women, lost their lives in the demilitarized area under the Putin-Erdogan agreement in September 2018.

Turkey did not implement the terms of the agreement with Russia to withdraw heavy weapons and mercenaries from the demilitarized area until October 15, 2018. This has led Russia to say repeatedly that Turkey did not abide by the truce.

By the beginning of 2019, the mercenaries of Haeit Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jebhat al-Niusra) had expanded their areas of control in the areas of Turkish control posts and imposed control over 90% of the border area of ​​Idlib with Turkey.

Turkey is one of the biggest supporters of terrorist groups in the Middle East, especially Daesh and Jebhat al-Nusra. Many leaders of  those gangs admited to the the Ddemocratic Autonomus Administtrartion in North and East of Syria about this relationship and their access to arms and ammunition.



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