46 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prison preparing to go on hunger strike

Palestinian prisoners are preparing to go on hunger strike, which will launch on Sunday, in protest against Israel's bad treatment. The Israeli prison authorities stormed the prison cells, on Saturday, where being searched and vandalized.

The Palestinian Prisoner's Club said that the prisoners of Ashkelon prison are preparing to go on hunger strike, called "Battle of al-Majdal", rejecting the policy of "humiliating" prison administration.

"The repression forces of the prison administration stormed the prison rooms this morning brutally," the club said, adding that "this crackdown comes just before the prisoners start an open hunger strike, which is scheduled to begin on Sunday, to face escalating administrative procedures since the end of last April. "

In addition, the Palestinian prisoners identified a number of the demands of the strike, including: stopping the barbaric and armed incursions into the rooms, abolishing the sentences imposed on the prisoners, treating the patients and conducting the necessary operations for the sick prisoners, introducing specialized doctors, improving the living conditions ,introduction of clothes regularly and the introduction of books, take photos with parents and wife, updating communication headsets during the visit of parents

It is noteworthy that the number of prisoners in the detention center, "Ashkelon", the number of prisoners in 46 prisoners in a single section, and the majority are sentenced to high sentences.



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