40 members of the regime were killed in an attack in Idlib

Forty members of the regime forces were killed, and 80 others were wounded, after an attack by the Turkish mercenaries on the regime's positions in Idlib countryside, followed by intense air strikes in the area.

The Russian Reconciliation Center said in a statement: "About 200 mercenaries from the Turkistan Islamic Party," and 20 cars, tanks and two armored vehicles attacked the positions of the regime forces yesterday evening.

The center said: "The attack was preceded by extensive training in shooting using" balloons ", multiple missile launch systems, and professional drones, and as a result of the fire, the mercenaries forced the Syrian forces to leave their positions and move south.

The center continued: "During the Syrian forces attack on mercenaries, up to 50 mercenaries were killed, 90 others were wounded, and the losses of the Syrian forces amounted to 40 dead and 80 wounded."

The center added: "On January 22, a group of armed men, including up to 50 people, with the support of four pick-up trucks equipped with heavy weapons, attacked the positions of government forces in the city of Aleppo from two directions, and the attack was supported by mortar fire, and this attack is the first attempt to attack sites of the government forces defending the city since its liberation from terrorists. "

In turn, the regime's SANA agency said: "Syrian army units operating in Idlib countryside clashed with terrorist groups that attacked military posts scattered in the liberated countryside from the area of ​​Ma`rat al-Numan."

The agency added: "The terrorist organizations launched at dawn today a new escalation in the field, through a violent attack the terrorists of Jabhet Al-Nusra organization launched, who were pushed in large numbers towards the army units stationed in the south and southeast of Idlib."

She explained: "Through the use of various types of weapons, including booby-trapped vehicles, and under a thick fire cover, the terrorists managed to penetrate some of the army's position on the direction of al-Taht - Abu Hurif - Al-Samaka."

After that, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said: Russian warplanes launched air strikes this morning on areas in the vicinity of Lirmoun northwest of the city of Aleppo, and other areas in the western countryside of Aleppo, and also after midnight targeted areas in the village of Joseph in Jabal Al-Zawiya, while forces shelled the regime also has areas in Kafarnaha, Mansourah, Khan al-Asal, and Al-Rashideen in the western countryside of Aleppo. Also, regime's warplanes with heavy machine guns targeted locations in Khan Al-Sabl, and Babila in Idlib countryside.

The Syrian Observatory monitored more than 395 air strikes on Wednesday, during which the regime's warplanes, helicopters and Russian planes targeted dozens of cities, towns and villages in the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib.

The mercenaries’ escalation comes after their meeting with Turkish officials who told them that Turkey could not persuade Russia to stop the attacks on Idlib.



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