4 villagers wounded in Turkish bombardment on Xakurk

The Turkish occupation army targeted on Wednesday morning with its warplanes the villages of Sheikh Zad Plain in Xakurk (Khakurk), which resulted in wounding four civilians.

The Turkish occupation army continues bombarding Xakurk area in Başûr Kurdistan, targeting the populated villages.

The intensive bombardment caused the burning of the orchards and agricultural lands of the people, while on Tuesday night, the burning of Sheikh Zadi Plain orchards was witnessed.

The villagers rushed to rescue their plants, but the warplane targeted them on Wednesday morning, and that resulted in wounding 4 villagers, and the condition of one of them is critical.

According to the information, the wounded were from Marjeh Reshi village, located in Sheikh Zadi Plain, and they were taken to Soran Hospital to receive the medical statement.   

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