​​​​​​​4 Turkish soldiers killed in HPG's operation

The Peoples Defense Forces (HPG) carried out an operation against the Turkish occupation army in Dêrsim, killing four Turkish soldiers and wounding two others.

The media center of the People's Defense Forces issued a statement to the public opinion about a process carried out by their forces in Dêrsim, and it stated:

"Our forces carried out an operation on May 11th at 13:30 in Hozat region in Dêrsim against an armored vehicle of Scorpion kind belonging to the Turkish occupation army, which was on its way to Amutka police station. As a result, four soldiers of the occupation army were killed and two others were injured.

On the night of May 11th, the Turkish army's warplanes bombed Sinon region in Khakurk and Tebah Sor square in Avashin region of the legitimate defense zones (Media) without causing casualties among our forces."

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