4 citizens wounded by IS' attack in outskirt of Khanaqin province 

Two civilians and two Iraqi soldiers were wounded in an attack by Daesh mercenaries in the Jalawla district of Khanaqin district in Diyala province.

A security source in the area of Jalawla, located within the borders of Diyala province, told Roj news agency, that an explosive device exploded last night by a vehicle in the outskirt of the village of Sumaidaie on the road linking the district of Kalar in Karamyan (Kurdistan region) in the area of Jalawla, but did not result in loss of life.

The source added that when a number of citizens and an Iraqi army force went to the scene of the event, they were attacked by sniper of Daesh mercenaries, that resulted in the wounding two civilians and two soldiers in the army.

The injured were taken to Jaloula hospital for receiving treatment.

The same area witnessed on Sunday morning an explosion of an explosive device, that resulted in leg amputation one of the citizens and suffered serious injuries.



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