4 April is day of freedom, dignity

​​​​​​​The Former co-chair of the Legislative Council of Afrin canton, Muhammad Saeed yousef, considered that the birthday of leader Abdullah Ocalan is the day of freedom, dignity and the salvation of the oppressed peoples.

The leader Abdullah Ocalan was born on 4th April 1949 in Amara village in north Kurdistan, and every year those who believe of Ocalan's ideology is celebrating in his birthday, where he considers is a symbol to new hope to the people eager to freedom.

The Former co-chair of the Legislative Council of Afrin canton, Muhammad Saeed Yousef, resident from Afrin canton's people met with the leader in a series of meetings that had been held between 1958 to 1994.

In an interview held by Hawar news agency (ANHA) with Youssef, talked about the leader's assessments of the conditions during that period, and what is happening now on the ground, as well as his personality.

After blessing the birth of the leader and congratulating the oppressed peoples, he said, "April 4 is the day of the birth of freedom and dignity for the oppressed for their freedom, and we bless the leader, the people, and the martyrs on this day, which we consider an important and special day for us".

Muhammad pointed out that the organization in NE, Syria by virtue of Ocalan's efforts during the past decades, the Syrian people are very lucky due to the presence Ocalan's leader for several years in it, and what we see today of full organization in NE, Syria is the result of the leader remaining in Syria and his organization of the people there

Ocalan avoided Syria the war

And about the departure of leader Abdullah Ocalan from Syria on October 9, 1998, Youssef said, "The departure of leader Abdullah Ocalan from Syria is a gratitude for the Syrian people".

and he added" The leader says that he will not forget the Syrian people for hosting him during those years, and he will not cause problems for them, and for this he left Syria to avoid the possible war that could have been took place with Turkey."

Society is above everything

And he showed that the project of the leader Abdullah Ocalan was to bring peace to the region. "The leader has always been seeking to find solutions through peace, without resorting to violence. But the project that the leader sought to disseminate had been strongly rejected by capitalistic countries because they fear it will end their project and these countries thought they would be able to defeat the leader but the democratic nation's project has been consolidated in our minds and we are still continuing in disseminating this ideology

The leader insists on the Kurdish solidarity

Muhammad assured that the leader is insisting on the Kurdish solidarity because it will be the salvation from the occupying countries".

The Former co-chair of the Legislative Council in Afrin canton, Muhammad Saeed youssef, urged the people to struggle to lift the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan.



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