+3,500 cases violence against women in areas under control KDP

Coinciding with the International Day against Violence against Women, which falls today, the Kurdistan region of Başûr, recorded about 6,432 cases of violence from the beginning of this year until September.

The Directorate for Combating Violence against Women in Başûr region of Kurdistan, "southern Kurdistan," counted 2220 cases in the city of Hawler alone, in addition to 1614 cases in Dohuk, which are controlled by the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

The directorate also counted 1558 cases in Sulaymaniyah, 589 in Germiyan region, 278 in Raperîn region and 179 cases in Soran, from the beginning of this year, until the end of September.

During the nine-month period of this year, it counted 4 cases of murder, 18 suicides, in addition to 33 cases of burning the body, 51 cases of sexual rape, and recording 6 thousand and 317 complaints.

The General Directorate for Combating Violence against Women relies on issuing the outcome of violence cases on its directorates in each of the aforementioned regions.

Although there are 280 women's organizations, neither these organizations nor governmental organizations have been able to find a solution to the issue of violence against women.



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