30 raids on " De-escalation" zones, 4 elements of regime's forces killed

The escalation in Idlib and Hama areas is still continued, the regime's aircraft targeted Idlib province with more than 30 air strikes on Thursday morning, while Turkish mercenary gangs bombed the regime forces' positions leaving four dead.

The air strikes resumed on Thursday morning by the warplanes in the area called "De- escalation". The warplanes targeted more than 30 air strikes in the cities of Idlib, Khan Sheikhun, Habeit, Karsa, Sheikh Mustafa, Hazarin, Karsgana, al -Naqir, Barabo, Arnabah, Madaya, Sheikh Damas, al-Rakay and the outskirts of Marzita in the southern countryside of Idlib.

The Russian warplanes launched four raids after midnight on Thursday in the town of Kafrzita, north of Hama, while axis of KarabNboda and al-Qasabeya witnessed mutual bombardment between the gangs backed by Turkey and regime's forces 

At the level of artillery shelling, the regime targeted the most 190 artillery and missile shells in the areas al-Sahriya, Deir-Sonble, al-Hawija, al-Hawash and other places the northern and northern countryside of Hama, while four elements of the regime were killed by the targeting of the mercenary gangs with a guided missile at the center of Tel -Hawash northwest of Hama.




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