3 Yazidi children liberated by SDF,  handed over to Yazidi House

3 Yazidi children arrived al-Hol camp with the last batch who were kidnapped by IS when they attacked Şengal in 2014 after SDF have liberated them recently in the battle to defeat terrorism against the last stronghold of IS, where the children were handed over to the Yazidi House in al-Jazeera region to reach them to their families .


Where three children of the Yazidis who were kidnapped by the mercenaries during the mercenaries' attack on Şengal camp came together with the last batch that arrived at al-Hol refugees' camp after SDF liberated them from the grip of IS mercenaries in the battle to defeat terrorism.

According to ANHA correspondent, the three children are Thamer Kheder; 11 years old, Zenar Atou; 9 years old and their mother Jounieh, and the girl Hediya who is 10 years old and her mother Suad from Şengal city center.

The correspondent said that the child Thamer Kheder and the child Hediya Muhsen's health status is good, and the child Zenar's health is poor as a result of injuries while trying to escape from the grip of mercenaries and is now under the supervision of health care in al-Hekma Hospital.



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