3 Turkish soldiers killed in Shamzinan by Free Women Units

On Wednesday, April 22, the media center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) issued a statement in which it stated that fighters of the Free Women Units (YJA-Star) carried out a qualitative operation against the Turkish occupation army in Shamzinan region, North Kurdistan, killing 3 soldiers of the Turkish occupation.

The statement pointed out that the Guerrilla and the Free Women fighters continue their military operations against the Turkish occupation army within the martyr Baker and the martyr Ronya revolutionary campaign. In this context, our fighters launched on Tuesday a surprise attack targeting a military point of the enemy army in Sefer hill in Shamzinan district.

The statement pointed to the killing of 3 soldiers from the Turkish occupation army during the "qualitative" operation, noting the destruction of the enemy's fortifications in addition to the destruction of light and medium weapons.

The Source: ANF

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