3 Turkish soldiers, 3 mercenaries killed in car explosion in Ghandora

3 Turkish occupation soldiers and other 3 mercenaries have been killed in a bombed car explosion in Ghandora town in the western countryside of Jarablus.


Activists noted that a bombed car has exploded in Ghandora town in the western countryside of Jarablus which Turkey occupies this evening, the explosion resulted in killing 3 Turkish occupation soldiers, and 3 mercenaries of al-Jabha al-Shamiya affiliated to the Turkish occupation.

In a relevant concern, some pages of the mercenaries published the names of the 3 mercenaries killed at the explosion with other 3 soldiers while trying to dismantle a bombed car, according to these pages, the dead are: Captain Allawi Sheikh Nayef, Lieutenant Mohammed Sheikh Nayef, policeman Amir Ziad Dibo from Tel Rifat town.

The activists noted that the ambulances rushed to the scene to move the dead and wounded.


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