3 Peshmerga elements wounded in Turkish bombing on Bradost

 The warplanes of the Turkish occupation army bombarded Bradost area in Başûr (South Kurdistan) again, and that resulted in wounding three elements of Peshmerga.

On Wednesday morning, the Turkish warplanes launched again aerial raids on the villages of Merkresh, Sheikh Zadi Plain in Bradost area in the result of the raids that set fire on Hert Plain in the area.

According to what Roj News Agency stated, three elements of Peshmerga Forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) headed towards the area, while the aircrafts continued bombarding. Furthermore, the bombardment resulted in wounding the three elements, from Merkresh village whose names were Xoşoy (Khoshoy) Mikali, Mhajer Mikali and Aziz Jafer. The agency pointed out that a leg of one of the elements was amputated and Xoşoy's situation was critical.     


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