3 Houthi drones launched towards Saudi Arabia by the coalition destroyed

The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen intercepted 3 booby-trapped drones launched towards the Kingdom by Houthi groups, and they were destroyed.

The coalition said today: "Hodeidah is the launching point for bombed-drones and hostile and terrorist attacks," stressing that the groups continue to violate international humanitarian law and the Stockholm Agreement.

For its part, Washington has rejected UN officials’ calls to retract the designation of the Houthi group in Yemen as a "terrorist organization."

Washington's Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, Richard Mills, stressed during a Security Council session on Thursday evening that the political importance of including the Houthis on the terrorism list.

He also affirmed that Washington had taken adequate humanitarian measures in Yemen following the classification of the Houthi groups as a terrorist organization, to ensure that a humanitarian catastrophe would not occur, about which some UN officials and aid organizations had warned.

In a related context, according to a report by the American Newsweek magazine, Iran has apparently sent advanced drones to Houthi groups in Yemen.

According to a report by the American magazine, Iran has deployed Shahid-136 drones, also called "suicide aircraft," in Al-Jawf governorate, north of Yemen.

The report added that the deployment of these aircraft in Yemen aims to launch an attack against a variety of targets in the region.


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