3 activists were released in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi authorities released three activists out of 11 activists who had been detained for nine months.

Saudi authorities have arrested 9 Saudi activists for the past nine months, after a week of lifting the ban on women driving cars and after appearing before the court for a second time, according to media outlets that the session was closed and prevented the presence of journalists, and the release of 3 activists.

The Riyadh Criminal Court released the activists Rokaya al-Muharib, Aziza al-Yousef and Iman al-Nafjan, after applying for the interim release of the court, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

According to the BBC, the court has stated that it will continue to try them and release them until the final verdict.

According to AFP, eyewitnesses said some activists cried in court and said they were electrocuted and harassed during their arrest.



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