2nd day of International Forum on Daesh initiated

 On Sunday morning, the events of the second day of the International Forum on Daesh have launched by holding the second session of the Forum, which will touch upon the military and security aspects of the terrorism, it is supposed to be continued until 19:00.

Under the auspices of the Rojava Center for Strategic Studies (NRLS), the International Forum on Dimensions, Challenges and Strategies of Confrontation (NRLS) was launched on 6 July in Amouda district in Al-Jazeera region in north and east of Syria, with attendance more than 80 academicians, Researchers, politicians, diplomats, professors, Arab and international universities, Autonomous Administration representatives of North and East of Syria, representatives of Autonomous Administration of Şengal province and individuals who were exposed to IS' brutal practices, it is supposed to be continued its events till 8 July.

The second day of the International Forum on Daesh, which will include four consecutive sessions: military, security, cultural, religious, economic and social aspects of intimidation, women's issues and intimidation.

The second session of the International Forum on Daesh, which deals with "the military and security aspect of Daesh intimidation," is a group of jurists, politicians and intellectuals. They are a fellow of the new US Security Center and senior analyst at James Town, Dr. Nicholas Heras. He also works on the Middle East Security Program, the former commander of the Special Forces in Saudi Arabia and the master of international relations from the University of Durm Saad bin Omar, and commander in the Women Protection Units (YPJ)in Tolhildan Ahmed and journalist Zana Omar.

The second session will focus on several points, namely, the military strategy of Daesh and its tactics followed by mercenaries in the practice of terrorizing the region, and a strategy based on the tactic of psychological warfare and its application during its wars on the region and similarities between Mughal and Daesh terrorists, And the relations between the Turkish government and the role of the Turkish state and the Justice and Development Party in the facilitation and consolidation of the application of intimidation and the role of (YPG, YPJ) and SDF in the elimination of Daesh mercenaries and the necessity and importance of the presence of Syrian Democratic forces The Alliance and the People's and Women's Protection Units to prevent the resurgence of Daesh mercenaries or any other terrorist organization similar to it, and the importance of continuing the coalition against it.



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