21 citizens killed due to earthquake hit north Kurdistan

The number of people who died in the earthquake that struck yesterday evening in the regions of north Kurdistan increased to 21, while statistics recorded 1,030 people were injured.

Yesterday evening, Friday, various regions in North Kurdistan were hit by a strong earthquake, as aftershocks hit it in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon as well.

The Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center said, "The regions (eastern Turkey) were affected by an earthquake measuring from 6.7 to 7 degrees, indicating that it occurred at a depth of 10 kilometers."

According to AFAD, the number of victims of the earthquake rose to 21 after the bodies of many were recovered from under the rubble of buildings.

While the number of injured as a result, according to statistics from the Turkish Ministry of Health to 1,030 people, and about 30 people stuck under the rubble have not yet been evacuated.



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