+200 air strikes against Hama, Idlib's countryside

During the tenth day of the escalation of the regime and with the support of Russia, the areas controlled by the Turkish mercenaries were subjected to more than 200 air strikes, rocket launchers and artillery and the regime managed to enter the seventh village and town during two consecutive days.

Escalations continue in the Hama and Idlib villages on their tenth day without interruption, as the areas controlled by Turkey's mercenaries yesterday were subjected to more than 200 air strikes, rockets grenades, and artillery.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the areas that have been hit by air raids are as follows: "10 raids on Habit, 5 on the village of Sharia, and two for each of al-Qasabiya, Ankawi, Shanan, Medaya and Serja.

The regime also fired dozens of rockets at areas in the village of Anakawi in Sehel   al-Ghab in the north-western Hama, and the road between the city of Khan Sheikun and the town of Hbeit to 150 missiles and artillery shells targeting the regime's forces with more than 80 shells and rockets scattered in the city of Khan Sheikun since yesterday , And more than 40 shells and rockets in the areas of the town of al- Hbeit south of Idlib, and 30 shells on the village of Ankawi, and the road between Khan Sheikun and al-Hbeit, which resulted in the number of wounded.

Helicopter aircraft carried more than 8 barrels of explosives on the town of Habit, and the warplanes carried out more than 19 raids, nine air strikes since after midnight on Wednesday - Thursday on places in Khan Sheikun, and 7 raids on areas in the town of Hibit, also in several raids villages and towns, Sarja, Medaya, and Rakaya of southern countryside Idlib.

During the ongoing escalation, the number of towns and villages controlled by the regime rose to 7, namely Qelat Al-Mideq, Al-Karakat, Tal Hawash, Al-Tuwayneh, al-Shariah, Sheikh Idris, Sahel Al-Ghab in rural West Hama, and Mount Shashbo in the western suburbs of Hama.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Verchinen said on Thursday that Russia and the Syrian regime "will continue to bomb terrorists in the Syrian Idlib in coordination with Turkey."

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: "The Russian airbase" Humim "in Syria is being bombed by the mercenaries in Idlib, and" this terrorist organization must be uprooted. "

The new round of escalation follows the failure of the 12th round of Astana meetings between Russia, Turkey, and Iran, which see themselves as guarantors, but at these meetings seek to preserve their interests at the expense of the Syrian people.



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