20 women participated in agricultural project

In the early morning hours, 20 women in Tirbê Spîyê go to the agricultural lands to work on agricultural projects, look after crops and clean them from weeds as the harvest of the crops such as cumin and chickpeas is approaching. Women point out that they are proud of their work.

 Twenty women in Tirbê Spîyê depend on themselves and their contribution to an agricultural project to support and develop the economy of women in the district, as they planted 1,644 dunums of chickpeas, cumin and wheat.

Women have allocated 684 dunums for cumin and chickpeas crops, and 960 dunums for wheat. Since the beginning of agriculture, women have depended on themselves, begun to clean the cumin and chickpeas crops.

In the early hours of the morning, women go out to farmlands to work within them, to take care of the crops and to clean them from weeds, while harvesting crops such as cumin and chickpeas is approaching.

Nefiyya Yagmur, one of the contributors in the agricultural project made clear, "They head on a daily basis to the agricultural lands and clean the land of dirt and weeds that harm the agricultural crops."

The contributor Menifa Saeed made clear that "they work within the agricultural lands with joy and happiness, and they sing while they are working," and added, "We are working for ourselves."

She is proud of her work

Wasila Omer who is at 60 from Atabe village who is working in the land hardly and removing the weeds considers her work as struggle, and she is proud of it.


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