20 new coronavirus cases, one citizen death in NE, Syria

The Health Body in North and East Syria announced that 20 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, one case died in al-Shahba, and another recovered.

The affirmations of the Health Body in North and East Syria came through a statement by the co-chair of the Body, Joan Mustafa, where it was clear that 20 new cases of coronavirus (Covid 19) had been discovered in northern and eastern Syria, and Mustafa added that one of these cases had died in al-Shahba, a man in the sixth decade of age.

Mustafa explained that the cases are distributed as follows:

16 cases in Al-Jazeera region.

Two cases in Deir-ez-Zor.

Two cases in al-Shahba region, including the mentioned death.

Joan Mustafa also confirmed that one of the previously reported cases in Qamishlo had been cured of the pandemic.

It is noteworthy that the Health Body had previously announced thirty cases, which raises the number of injuries with the announcement of these new cases to fifty cases.



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