2 Turkish soldiers, 3 mercenaries killed in 2 HRE operations

2 Turkish soldiers and 3 mercenaries were killed during two operations of the Afrin Liberation Forces HRE, in addition to injuries in mercenaries' ranks and Turkish occupation soldiers.

During a written statement, the HRE revealed the details of the two operations, stating:

To the media and public opinion

On April 25th:

Our forces detonated IED with a military vehicle carrying a number of Turkish soldiers and mercenaries, during which two Turkish soldiers and other mercenaries were killed, and two Turkish soldiers and mercenaries were wounded, in addition to destroying the vehicle.

On the 27th of April:

Our forces carried out a sniper attack on a mercenary of the Turkish occupation in the village of Anabkeh, in the district of Shara, causing directly his death

Afrin Liberation Forces

April 28, 2020 "



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