​​​​​​​2 killed, 18 others wounded from Iraqi protesters

​​​​​​​The Iraqi city of Nasiriyah witnessed bloody security incidents, as unknown assailants attacked the sit-in tents, killing two and wounding 18 others.

Al-Sumaria News quoted a security source today as confirming the killing and wounding of 20 people in the events of Nasiriyah at dawn today.

The source stated that "unknown persons attacked, at dawn today, the demonstrators in al-Haboubi Square and burned the tents of the protesters," noting that "the outcome of these actions amounted to two martyrs and 18 wounded, some of them seriously injured."

In another context, at least one person was injured due to the fall of three rockets out of five that targeted, on Sunday evening, the Green Zone in the middle of Baghdad, right inside the campus of the American embassy, ​​and one hit the restaurant at dinner time, according to an Iraqi official.

Since October 1, the demonstrators have been calling for political reforms, as they once again swept through the streets and squares in Baghdad, and several cities in the south of the country, from where they were driven out on Saturday.



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